The Yahad has several donation opportunities, both for one time gifts and for on-going partnerships. If you feel led to donate either equipment or finances toward the work, we appreciate your contribution in advance. May you be blessed in all of your doings, and may The Father bless the works of your hands.

The Yahad of East Tennessee is in the process of acquiring new podcasting and new video equipment. It is our desire to give you professional podcasts and videos. The older equipment has been good up to this point, however equipment does wear out. The Yahad has, and will always look for, ways to serve you, The Body, better. This particular project is a one-time donation opportunity.
Click on the Paypal donate button to donate today.
To donate new or used equipment please call the office at (423) 790-1651 for shipping arrangements.

Our next project is our Braille publications
This year we were blessed by having a Braille embosser donated to The Yahad. This assists us in publishing and distributing Braille literature to the visually impaired. This machine will also assist us in such tasks as creating both our prayer book and Our Hagaddah (Our Pesach Seder.)

Here is where we need your help. The Braille embosser requires very expensive paper. Six Braille pages are needed to every print page. It is not possible to print or distribute this literature without proper Braille paper. For example, my Bible here at home is eighteen volumes, Old and New Testaments. The print Bible is just one volume. If you try to use different paper other than proper Braille paper it will eventually tear up the machine.

The Yahad of East Tennessee would love to have brothers and sisters who will faithfully sustain this ministry. Your monthly donation will assist our organization in the creation and distribution of Braille literature and with our correspondence. Please click on the Paypal donate button to partner with us monthly.

Office Equipment
The Yahad is in need of a scanner-fax-printer for official documents such as ordination certificates, business and clergy cards, ministry correspondence, Siddurim for local services, and Haggaddoth for Passover.

We also need an official seal for the ministry.
These could be one-time donations.
Please donate now to partner with us.

The Yahad of East Tennessee is an officially recognized assembly and a tax exempt organization in the State of Tennessee. Receipts for donations will be provided upon request.
Contact our office at (423) 790-1651.

When sending a check or money order please make them payable to:
The Yahad of East Tennessee.

and mail to:
The Yahad of East Tennessee
2005 Westland Dr Apt 303
Cleveland, TN 37311

When mailing a check and or money order contact us at (423) 790-1651 so that we can be on the lookout for it.

Thank you so much for all you are doing for this Ministry. We look forward to working with you as we build the walls of The Kingdom of The Almighty.

Sincerely Yours,
Bishop Daniel Ben Regesh
Pastor and General Overseer
The Yahad of East Tennessee