“Our vision is to create the best loving, welcoming and inclusive congregation for all YHWH’S people.”

YET's purpose is to be a refuge for those who have experienced spiritual wounding from previous communities. Believers can come to a place where emotional and spiritual healing can be received, as those who have received physical wounds are in need of a physician. Our Master Yahshua clearly told us to serve. As such we stand ready to obey his command.

Our organization would like to build a safe Assembly for worship, fellowship, Torah based shepherding and counseling for those in need. It is our goal to provide a congregational structure that has accountability at every level. Nobody is better than his/her brethren.

YET will also move to break down barriers between Messianics, other denominations, and people groups. We want to follow the Scriptural admonition that commands all believers, no matter their station in life, to be the light in a very dark world. We will form relationships with leaders of different faiths to help combat bigotry, discrimination and antisemitism within The Greater Chattanooga Area, in whatever forms it chooses to raise its ugly head.

YET stands humbly, in spite of our very human, individual or collective disabilities, and the setbacks we have experienced in this broken world, to serve the people of our local community in need.