The Yahad of East Tennessee
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Cleveland, TN 37311
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Our mission philosophy is simple. Go into the community, preach the Gospel, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and shut in, and remembering our ministry to those in prison. At the same time YET would like to build a safe stable Assembly for persons to come to for worship and proper fellowship, and to receive Torah based, Spirit lead shepherding and counseling.

It has been our experience in Messianic bodies of believers that there is a serious discrepancy in how the leadership functions with the general body, and how the general body functions with leadership. Every congregation or home fellowship group that we have ever been a part of, has been made in an image of the one man, or one family system. This is not scriptural, nor is it godly. While we have met some very nice people with in these groups they are all still fashioned in this one man cult system, unconsciously, or very much consciously.

Every organization that we know of, is claiming to use the 1st Century AD model of government, but none of these groups, or congregations really has a grasp, or understanding of what the first century assembly really looked like. They will all pay lip service to the term, and they have even started using this as a selling point, but they don’t really have an understanding, or burden for this type of mission.

There are however those who do try to put together this type of model, while still picking and choosing what they will, or will not do. This often ends up in either a one man /one family type system, or the assembly fracturing, or disbanding all together. This happens because they venture off in this direction without looking at historical facts in conjunction with the scriptures to view from the future what life was really like for our Messianic forefathers.

While we may have to adapt documents, such as the community rule, and other cultural norms to help bring the 1st Century AD assembly into the twenty first; the order of service, leadership structure, and function of the body is still very much intact.

It is our goal as The Yahad of East Tennessee to provide a proper congregational structure that has accountability at all levels. Many believers have quit coming to services, and some have even given up on Messianic faith all together because of abuse, favoritism, classism, bigotry, and other forms of discrimination as well as the general practice of “my four, and no more.” Many can’t take the constant conflict that happens every time believers come together; so they have opted to stay home and watch teaching videos, or become part of virtual communities. This allows for harm to come to believers that have given up on real assembly life, because there is no accountability, nor does it allow for interactive correction when in error.

Outreach in The Messianic Body as a whole is non-existent. Many congregations, and home fellowships are not interested in outreach, or community service of any kind. They shy away from the admonition of our Master to go into all of the world, preaching the Gospel, and making disciples of them. They are not active in community life whatsoever. As a matter of fact, many communities are unaware that Messianics even exist.

YET would like to change this negative perception within our local community, by making ourselves available to be used in community organizations and causes such as Tennessee Right to Life, The Greater Chattanooga Ministerial Alliance, The Homeless Coalition, and wherever The Master will give us divine favor. It will be all about walking through the door that The King will open for us. YET will also move to break down barriers between Messianics, other denominations, as well as different people groups. We want to follow the Scriptural admonition that commands all believers, no matter their station in life, to be the light in a very dark world. YET will also form ministerial relationships with leaders of different faiths to help combat bigotry, discrimination and antisemitism within The Greater Chattanooga Area, in whatever forms it chooses to raise its ugly head.

Believers have been told not to get involved with, nor participate in politics, but we all have seen in the last couple of years how this ends up. The religious community sits by silently while both the States of NY and VA have made decisions to murder children up to the time of birth, and even after being born.

YET is a community that holds all life to be sacred no matter its viability. Like many Messianics, we have all complained about the state of our nation and local communities, but have in past times flat out refused to do anything about things as they are. We have been conditioned to just come to a Shabbat service or two, study The Torah, while focusing on academic studies that have no salvific consequence whatsoever. The Master commanded that we all feed the hungry, minister to the sick, visit the imprisoned and give drink to the thirsty. These are whom The Torah says will enter The Kingdom. Not those who just talk about or study these things as a hobby. Essenes are doers of The Torah, and as servers YET will build a congregation that holds to these values.

YET's purpose is to be a refuge for those who have experienced spiritual wounding from previous communities. Believers can come to a place where emotional and spiritual healing can be received, as those who have received physical wounds are in need of a physician. Our Master Yahshua clearly told us to serve, as such we stand ready to obey his command. YET stands humbly, in spite of our very human, individual or collective disabilities, and the set backs we have experienced in this broken world, to serve the people of our local community in need.

The days of excuses are over.


h2>Bishop Darrell K Henry
The Yahad of East Tennessee