The Yahad of East Tennessee
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Ste 303
Cleveland, TN 37311
Phone (423) 790-1651

An Essene is a person who holds to the Apostles’ Creed and desires a higher level of discipleship, holiness and polity. The Torah, and Community Rule are very important to the contemporary Essene.

The Yahad is, and will always be a Torah affirming assembly. The Yahad of East Tennessee along with several other Yahad groups are, so far as we know, the only modern organizations that have been informed of the ways of the 1st century AD, in the historical context. That Way would include the beliefs and practices of a variety of ancient sects; such as Sons of Zadok, Nazarenes, and other groups, that are not listed here. A full list is enumerated in the Panarion of Epiphanius.


It is our primary goal and directive to serve as the legal body of Messiah in the earth by helping to reveal the elect, take care of the widows, orphans, and those who are disenfranchised.

Also, the directive from Jacob the Priest is binding on us – to help orphans and widows, which we regard to include the poor, mentally and physically challenged, as well as the vulnerable, and disadvantaged. Our jobs are to stand in the gap for all mankind, believers and nonbelievers.

We do all of this, while staying unspotted from the world, in so far as we are able. We can do this by starting with ourselves. Our lives are to be the light in a very dark world on a daily basis. We strive to be the example in our homes, communities, schools, wherever The Master has given us a sphere of influence.

We believe in the practicing of the clean food laws found in LEV. 11. This means that we don’t eat things such as pig, rabbit and shellfish. Anything that YHWH does not consider food for His People we instruct against.

The Yahad places a very high standard of observance with regards to both the weekly and annual shabbats. We do not work, or cause others to work for us, we do not buy, sell, nor do we cook. We consider these days most holy to YHWH.

The Yahad will not tolerate at any time the conjuring of unclean demons through any means. I.e. necromancy, spiritism, mediumship, conjuring, witchcraft, voodoo, hoodoo, channeling. These will not be tolerated in the assembly at all. Anyone practicing such will be removed from the assembly on the spot.

Tobacco, Alcohol or Legal Substances
Use of such is tolerated only until intoxication or air pollution occurs. In short when it becomes an offense to others.

Illegal Substances
No one is to bring any illegal substance into the assembly of The Almighty. Anyone doing such will be asked to leave the assembly. The house of YHWH shall be a house of prayer for all people not a den of iniquity.
We will not condemn members of The Yahad who use medical marijuana, with a written prescription. And even then we also expect you to be responsible, exercising wisdom and discernment before The People of YHWH. We don’t want to be a stumbling block to recovering addicts, and anyone wishing to avoid exposure to drugs.

As for vaccinations; The Yahad of East Tennessee neither sides for nor against them. While this is a hot-button issue to some, the Yahad believes that this is an issue that should be decided in the home, not the assembly. The Yahad would only ask that vaxers and non-vaxers not teach these principles as salvithic in the assembly.

Bishop Darrell K Henry
The Yahad of East Tennessee