The Yahad of East Tennessee
2005 Westland Dr SW
Ste 303
Cleveland, TN 37311
Phone (423) 790-1651

Polity: a form of government.
The Yahad is conceived as an organization of consecrated and ordained individuals.
Consecration – formal DEDICATION and RECOGNITION by one’s peers to service and worship.
Ordination – formal DEDICATION by a religious authority to full-time ministry.
Official Ministry Categories (with English equivalents)
Shoter – Ordained, servant of Yahweh and the people – Deacon
Zachen – Ordained, full-time minister with managerial responsibilities and authorities – Elder
Sholiach – Ordained, full-time minister at large – Apostle or Missionary
Mevaqqre – Ordained, full-time minister-visionary – Bishop / Presbyter
Official Ministry Sub-categories
Kohen – a leader of worship services, written acts of worship or songs – Worship Leader
Ozer – Ordained, full-time minister-organizer of resources and personnel – Supervisor
Moreh – a teacher, full- or part-time, ordained or not
Sofer – a scribe – writer.
Mearah – an inspector – one who vets new people for the assembly

Here’s how the polity works:
The Yahad of East Tennessee is episcopal; in nature, those holding the prime responsibility for progress in the assembly are elected bishops. Those qualifying for election have undergone training and have been ordained in the parent organization, Vero Essene Yahad.
The Bishop is surrounded by a council of Elders and Deacons who are duly trained and sworn in. Both Elders and Deacons represent the assembly.
The leadership council makes all decisions in what is called a leadership colloquy. A leadership colloquy is a gathering of clergy to discuss, and resolve official Yahad business. All decisions are made by lot, and recorded by the scribe for the records.

Bishop Darrell K Henry
The Yahad of East Tennessee