The Yahad of East Tennessee
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How does the eldership of the Yahad of East Tennessee make important decisions? The Yahad has leadership meetings every other week, or as needed that are called colloquies.
A Quorum consists of six Ordained Elders, Deacons, plus the presiding Bishop, which makes it seven in total. A full body is eleven Ordained Elders, Deacons plus the presiding Bishop that gives us the scriptural number of twelve ACT. 1:21-26.

The presiding Bishop is responsible along with other Elders, and Deacons for putting together an agenda for an Elders colloquy. When any matter comes up for decision, every member of the leadership body is permitted to speak WITHOUT INTERRUPTION until he / she is finished. After every member who chooses to speak has spoken on the issue, the other members of the leadership assembly may ask questions of that Elder and the presiding Bishop. Then the next speaker is given the opportunity and the same procedure is executed for each desiring to speak on that particular issue. When all have spoken to their hearts contentment, the matter is to be decided by the casting of lots.

Every Elder, Deacon plus the presiding Bishop receives a bag upon their ordination or consecration that has two lots in it. Every voting member is to bring their lot bag to every meeting. One lot will be white and the other black. The white is cast for the affirmative and black for negative. The lots are counted by the assembly secretary and then returned to the members. The decision of the body is final, and may not be overturned unless there is new evidence to do so.

Bishop Darrell K Henry
The Yahad of East Tennessee