The Yahad of East Tennessee
2005 Westland Dr SW
Ste 303
Cleveland, TN 37311
Phone (423) 790-1651

  1. YET accepts the sixty-six books of The Bible as our basic foundation of belief. Historically concurrent books such as Enoch, Jubilees and the Didache contain very valuable additional information for believers. The full list of our primary, secondary and tertiary books that inform doctrine and understanding are listed on this website in our Initiates Only section.

  2. The Yahad of East Tennessee will not have a pope, authoritarian, nor any other type of cult leader over it. YET is governed by the apostolic doctrine. Decision making in the Yahad is shared among The Overseer, Elders, Deacons and the general body. No one person is greater in the assembly.

  3. YET will not tolerate an environment of bigotry, hatred nor discrimination of any kind.

  4. Yahshua is The Head and Chief Corner Stone of The Yahad of East Tennessee.

  5. The Yahad will always be a safe place for both men and women seeking fellowship.

  6. Single or married, men or women, as qualified according to Scripture, may serve as Deacons and Elders.

  7. The weekly Shabbat, and the annual Moedim are to be observed in The Assembly according to LEV 23.

  8. YET accepts as a way of life all of the Biblically clean food laws found in GEN 9:4, LEV 11 and DEUT 14.

  9. We believe that the Essenes of the first century AD were one of the Middle Judaism's. Therefore members of YET see and conduct our lives as Jewish believers in HaMashiach Yahshua.

  10. The Yahad of East Tennessee accepts the right of apostolic succession, passed down through the laying on of hands to any candidate for any area of ministry.

  11. We understand mikveh (water baptism) as an outward expression of faith for all believers in Yahshua haMashiach.

  12. Circumcision of both heart and body are essential to walking in covenant with our master YHWH and the assembly of faith.

  13. The dead will be resurrected, some to eternal life and others to permanent separation from YHWH.

  14. YHWH as Elohim rewards those whom obey His Torah and disciplines those who transgress it.

  15. YHWH as Creator, rules all creation.

  16. We accept the greater and the lesser YHWH. The Father in whom dwells all of the sovereignty and power of the godhead, and The Son which is the lesser YHWH to whom all judgement has been given.

  17. We believe in the five-fold ministry, and in Word, sacrament and order.

  18. YET accepts Hebraic-style marriage between one man and one woman exclusively.

  19. All of the gifts given in the first century AD to the legal body of haMashiach in the earth are still functional in today’s assemblies.

Bishop Darrell K Henry
The Yahad of East Tennessee